There are a lot of uses of puff pastry.  You can make delicious breads once you have a stock of this in your fridge. The conventional way of preparing puff pastry is by mixing or folding flour with very cold butter without the use of any leavening agent.  However, in this recipe we are going Read More →

  “Reverse Cowgirl”   It was a one warm morning in the town of South Park County, Colorado,USA where 5 boys are playing in their friend’s backyard. One boy’s, Clyde’s, mother called him upstairs for something sensible, it is because of his toilet irresponsibility using it, he never learned to leave the seat down where Read More →

  “Eric Cartman Finds Love”   One break school morning when a boy named Butters, went rushing down the hallway with a news to his friends. There was a new schoolgirl named Nichole that she went to join the cheerleaders club, she was black, like the boys other friend, Token. When Eric saw that she is Read More →

chicken cordon bleu

How to prepare and cook Chicken Cordon Bleu My children love this recipe so much.  This holiday season, they ask me to prepare Chicken Cordon Bleu for them.  This time, I will add little vegetables in the recipe.  Try them too. Ingredients: 2 huge chicken breast (deboned and split into 4 halves) 4 Swiss cheese Read More →

Tell me please, tell me what happened to BEN.  Please watch this video and tell where he went. This set of creepiest videos is classic in its own.  Characters are known to have been part of movies and tales that never tires to stimulate imagination of each individual.  This smart selection tops the creepiest characters Read More →