Affordable, Clean, and Must Visit Stella Mariz Beach
Plus points:
1.       The most important reason for choosing this beach is the sand and water itself. It is fine, powdery and its color is gray to almost white. You can walk barefoot and not worry that you will step on anything that might prick you. It is crystal clear! There are shells that you will enjoy gathering.
StellaMariz Beach 2
2.       This is the beach to go if you want to avoid the crowd. Stella Mariz is not crowded, not noisy (no videoke), has a lot of trees and air is fresh.
StellaMariz Beach3
3.       Lots of space for kids to run around. I brought my 9 and 11 year old and they enjoyed running around. There are also a lot of small crabs and the kids enjoyed running after them.
4.       The sunset view is spectacular. My first time to see the sun disappear in the sea in a matter of minutes. Simply breath taking.
StellaMariz Beach
5.       Entrance is 30 pesos. I’m not so sure but for those who will put up their tent, I think you will pay an additional 70. But you can negotiate! We did.
Points for Improvement/Minus Points
1.       Since technically this beach is part of the West Philippine Sea, its depth can suddenly change. It’s not really dangerous, but exercise caution. Not advisable to swim at night.
2.       The beach is about 10 minutes by car from the entrance, the road is not cemented. You pay 60 pesos/person by tricycle to go to the entrance of the beach, another 60 to go back.
3.       This is not a commercial beach resort, so manage your expectations of the accommodations. We stayed in the only cottage available for P3500. It can fit 15 sleeping people if you will stay overnight. There is a king-sized bed, 4 foams, a CR/bath, sink and you can cook using firewood. There is an aircon room where 5 of us slept. They have no beddings to offer. We slept fine. It was really quiet the whole night.
4.       There are no stores inside so bring your food and water. The caretaker said they have not really recovered from typhoon Glenda.
5.       As to the safety of the place, the caretakers assured us it is safe here. In fact, every year, the Boy Scouts have a camping here for the whole month of November.
StellaMariz Beach4
If asked if we would come back, DEFINITELY. The minus points I listed here are not really hindrances to your enjoyment of the beach.




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