Anne Curtis, C-string and Revealing Gown

I know and understand the pure hatred that women have of the “panty line”. This is why, for years lingerie companies have tried their mightiest to invent the perfect pair of underwear that would eliminate the lines. Then sometime in the 70′s somewhere in Brazil (of course) the thong or g string hit the market.




Now the thong is still not the perfect underwear because women with no love handles still cannot expose their sides! So the c-string was born just recently.


To me this thing looks completely uncomfortable and not practical. I’m not sure how it stays in place as you move about your day.


But in the name of fashion, women obsessed with eliminating the panty line say this is perfect!!! As a matter of fact, Anne Curtis was first in the trending topic when she wore an unwearable gown if you do not have a c-string.

I went to the web-site – and here’s what is says on the first page – The C String is a completely new and exciting innovation in lingerie. Say goodbye to panty line and uncomfortable straps. Say hello to a sexy new freedom. HELLO!

It also says that you can use this thing as swimwear!

Now this thing can really only target one kind of woman. That woman needs to be in shape and, how do I put this… neatly groomed (I think that’s a really PC way of putting that – don’t you?). But I’m not PC so I will warn any woman out there with Koala Crotch this here invention ain’t for you!!!





One Thought on “Anne Curtis, C-string and Revealing Gown

  1. Who ever said she’s wearing c string??? She’s Not! I have known her for quite a while and she does like to go commando at times. Just check out her new “slip” on her asap bday prod. No c string there isn’t it? 😉

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