I have dined in Balinsasayaw for several times already, and to me, it is still thebalinsasayaw only place to go if you want Filipino food, and you want to do away with your spoon and fork and not be stared at.


When you reach the place, an arc with creeping flowering plants serves as the entrance. These very interesting plants in an arc balinsasayawcan be seen all over the place, so the place really has nature’s beauty.


After the arc, you pass by the parking area, and a guard will assist you in parking your car. A few steps away, you reach the pasalubong area where you can buy sweets, coffee, pickles made in the province of Cavite. You should try them, especially the cookies.Across it are two stores where you can buy earrings, clips and other accessories made in thebalinsasayaw food Philippines for a reasonable price – from P50-500 /$1-12.


The food attendants/waiters will meet you to give you the menu list, and you will be directed to a nipa hut! There are about 10 of them, and depending on the number of customers, you will be brought to a hut, and your group will be the only customers in this hut. Inside are chairs and table, all made of mahogany wood. The huts are covered with nets so mosquitos cannot enter. There is a fan, which I think few people use because the place is naturally cool, as you are in an elevated place. There is a bell that you ring, and an attendant will promptly arrive to assist you.

balinsasayaw bukoThe must tray for this place is the crispy kangkong. At P70/$1.5, I think, they are the only restaurant that has perfected the cooking of crispy kangkong leaves. Even the kids liked it.

We ordered again (everytime I am here) set menu, meaning it has rice already. Fried chicken for the kids at about P120/$3 and pork ribs at P80/$3. halo-halo/ice shaving is inside a buko/young coconut, with sweetened camote, banana, sago, nata, milk, ice cream, leche flan, ube. The idea is for you to scrape the young coconut meat, buko as you eat. This is priced at P80/$2. you do not need to hurry, you can take your time, you may not use your utensils. If you opt to drink water, you will be served at no extra cost. Try also their vegetable dishes, seafoods, all for reasonable prices.

There is a food court for very big groups.


This place is a must-visit for anyone going to Tagaytay.




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