A. To the Mother

  1. Enables to a mother to regain her health after delivery. It takes two to three years to fully recover her health after childbirth.
  2. Prevents young mothers (below 18 years old) and old mothers (over 35 years old) from getting pregnant because itFP_young_family is dangerous for them to bear children at their age.
  • Teenage mothers have high tendency to have anemia, toxemia and prolonged labor.
  • Old mother is more likely to suffer hemorrhage because of failure of the uterus to contract and uterine rupture. Also they have high tendency to develop hypertension.
  1. Provides a mother who may be suffering form some chronic illnesses such as tuberculosis, diabetes, heart disease, and anemia, enough time for treatment and recovery form those illnesses without fear of getting pregnant
  2. Gives her enough time and opportunity to care and provide attention herself, her husband and children
  3. Gives her time for personal advancement /development.


B. To the Father

  1. Provides father who are suffering to chronic illnesses as tuberculosis, diabetes, heart disease, anemia etc., enough time for treatment and recover from the illness.
  2. Lighten his burden and responsibility in supporting his family since he will provide only for few children he canben cohen sexy dad afford to support.
  3. Enables him to give his children a good home, good education and a better future.
  4. Enables his to give his family a happy and contented life.
  5. Gives him time for his own personal advancement
  6. Enables him to have time and opportunity to relate with his wife and play with his children.
  7. Gives him a feeling of fulfillment and pride in the family for having a wife who can attend to their children and home chores, and develop her self as a woman/wife.
  8. Provides father with extra resources and enough time to actively participate in the community program/projects.
  9. Frees a jobless father from the worry of having an additional child to support.


C. To the children


The practice of FP will make the Children:


  1. Healthy. A healthy mother can produce healthy children.
  2. Happy. The children will be brought up in a happy home where they are given all the love and attention they deserve.
  3. Wanted and Satisfied. Fewer children in the family will allow time and opportunity for mother and fathers to attend to their growth and development.
  4. Secure. Fewer children in the family will provide more opportunities for adequate food, clothing, good education and other needs.



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