Signs and Treatment:


Bladder Infection Signs:

  • need to pass urine very often (It may also feel as though some urine is still left inside.)
  • pain or a burning feeling while passing urine
  • pain in the lower belly just after passing urine
  • urine smells bad, or looks cloudy, or has blood or pus in it.  (Dark urine can be a sign of hepatitis)Bladder Infection
Kidney infection Signs:
  • any bladder infection signs
  • fever and chills
  • lower back pain, often severe, that can go from the front, around the sides, and into the back.
  • nausea and vomiting
  • feeling very weak and ill
  • When a woman has kidney infection, she may be in great pain and feel very ill. This can be very frightening.  If this happens to you, try to get a family member or a neighbor to help you get to a health worker or health post.
  • If you signs are serious, start taking medicine right away.
Treatment for the Bladder Infection:
Bladder infections can be treated with home remedies.   Start treatment as soon as you notice the signs.  A bladder infection can sometimes travel quickly up the urine tubes into the kidney.
  • Drink a lot of water.  Try to drink at least one cup of clean water every 30 minutes.  This will make you pass urine often.  Sometimes the germs will wash out of your urine system before the infection gets worse.
  • Stop having sex for a few days, or until the signs have gone away.
  • Make a tea from flowers, seeds, and make leaves that are known to help cure urine infections.  Ask the older women in the community which plants will help.
  • If you do not feel better in 1 to 2 days, stop taking the home remedies and start taking the medicines in the list below.  If you do not feel better in two more days, see health professional.  You may have an STD rather than urine system infection.
  • It is better to Consult your doctor for the following medicines:
  • Amoxicillin – 3 g (3000 mg)  once only by mouth.
  • or Co0trimoxazole 480 mg ( 80mg trimethroprim and 400 mg sulfametraxazole)  4 tablets once only by mouth
Treatment for kidney Infection:
If you have signs of a kidney infection, home remedies are not enough.  Start taking these medicines right away.  But if you do not start to feel better after 2 days, see a health worker.
  • Amoxicillin –  (500 mg)  every 8 hours by mouth for 10 days.
  • or Co0trimoxazole 480 mg ( 80mg trimethroprim and 400 mg sulfametraxazole)  2 tablets 2 time a day by mouth for 10 days.




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