Cagayan de Oro City, found in the southern part of the Philippines has a vast shoreline. This means that CDOC, as it is fondly called by locals has many beaches, which makes this city the place to be this summer!!!!!

Although the sand is not white but gray, it is still very fine, so walking by the beach is a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.bonbon beach

Let’s start with the most accesible beach – Bonbon beach, Cagayan De Oro Philippines. From the city proper, you can see jeepneys going to Bonbon. For less than P20 pesos (1 way, $.50), one can reach Bonbon. There is no entrance fee!!!!  The huts can be rented for P200 – 400 ($5-10) for the whole day. If you plan to stay for an hour or two, and you do not want to rent a hut, just spread your towel under the Talisay trees, and run to the sea, no cost incurred – no fee collected!

This may not be a white beach comparable to Boracay,  but picture this – fine sand, coconut and Talisay trees all over, fresh air, and all for free! If you get hungry, just buy grilled Tulingan (similar to tuna, at P30 or less than $1) and puso (rice cooked inside coconut leaves, P15 $.30), and eat with your bare hands, only at Bonbon beach, Cagayan de Oro!

It is best to come early, so you can choose your spot, whether a hut or under a tree. The early mornings at the Bonbon are very relaxing. You can see fishermen in their bancas just arriving from overnight fishing, and you can buy fish if you want. You can just listen to the birds while watching the calm sea.

The nights are also magical. Cool air, cool beach water,  and the aroma of fish grilled right before your eyes make the nights equally enchanting.

For those who want to stay overnight, there are huts with rooms and depending on your budget, the price ranges from P500-P1500/ hut.



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