Taipei Taiwan is a home to the 3rd highest skyscraper in the world.  Come and see Taipei 101.  Taipei’s country code is +886 and it’s currency value is US$0.03 to TW$1. Upon Arrival: Taxis to the city will cost you TW$1,100 (PHP1,626).  Private bus companies run trips from both terminals, and will cost you a Read More →


Shanghai is the center of China’s technology, science, economy, business, finance, and culture.  This Eastern city of China is where the oriental and western influences meet.  Parks, temples, skyscrapers, shopping centers, restaurants, and open markets await visitors in Shanghai. Upon Arrival: If you are taking a cab from the airport (or anywhere is Shanghai), do Read More →

pan pacific xiamen hotel

Xiamen or China’s open gate and economic free port is famous for its attractive seascapes.  Beautiful city of Xiamen offers beautiful and clean scenery inhabited by thousands of egrets.  Around this subtropical city of China are parks, temples, open markets, beautiful islands and mountains to visit.  Xiamen’s country code is +86 and the current currency Read More →

the great wall of china in spring

Beijing China is a home to so many classic architectures, squares, and palaces that  have been built many centuries ago. Come and see the longest trail; the only visible structure when you step on the moon–the Great Wall of China. You may choose a less crowded section of the Great Wall of China, the Mutianyu. Read More →


The memory of Portuguese dwellers in Macau can be mirrored on the facade and structures of buildings, houses, and ruins of churches.  As a matter of fact, St. Paul Cathedral of Macau became the solid emblem as it reminds visitors and natives that Macau was once inhabited by Catholic believers–the Portuguese.  Remember when calling, the Read More →

hong kong

Truly it is HONG KONG known as the Pearl Of Asia.  Recently, Hong Kong has been featured in America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion highlighting skyscrapers and towers that signify progress and civilization of the post-modern times. Hong Kong is not only famous for tallest buildings, but also with its rich Chinese culture, shopping spree Read More →


There is so much to discover in Vietnam.  ‘Tis a country rich in culture and national identity.  When you visit Hanoi, remember that the country code is +84.  The present currency and currency conversion is VND 10, 000 to US$0.48. Upon Arrival: The Noi Bai International Airport is located 45km away from the city center. Read More →