“Eric Cartman Finds Love”


One break school morning when a boy named Butters, went rushing down the hallway with a news to his friends. There was a new schoolgirl named Nichole that she went to join the cheerleaders club, she was black, like the boys other friend, Token. When Eric saw that she is black, then he started shipping and relating Token to Nichole, when Eric knew that Nichole was having a crush on Kyle, Eric made a strategic plan to lock the 2 of them inside the school for 1 whole night to make them fall in love with each other.

And so he did lock them up for a night, then when he saw them hugging, he had a romantic excitement to see them doing it just because he is racist. Ever since Token + Nichole relationship, begun, Eric can’t stop watching them being a couple, Stan has no idea why Eric is into their relationship. When they broke up because Nichole saw in her Teddy bear tag that says all blacks belong together, when Eric Knew they broke up, he whacked his cupid self and hid it in his closet.

Later, Eric found out Nichole is watching basketball and going out with Kyle, he did a plan, to make a bromance song to Kyle showing his face and tricking all the audience that there is a creature outside. When he successfully did it, he shipped Token and Nichole with the help  of Eric’s cupid self, and Eric told his cupid self that all people who looked the same are together and his cupid self said he found a perfect match for Eric, which he got shocked because he is partnered with a kid who is extremely ugly, fat and has a condition that had extremely stinky breath called “halitosis”. When Eric’s cupid self shot love arrows at the kid, she started chasing Eric.





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