Filipinos love to eat, so do not be surprised that Filipinos take 3 full meals aand 2-3 merienda/snacks in just A day.
The meals are considered meals if there is at least a cup of rice. With rice, there are 2 kinds of viand – one vegetable and one meat (pork, chicken or beef) or fish.
Compared to other Asians, our viands are considered dull, because we do not put a lot of spices – no curry, no coloring, just plain, with seasoning.
For example, Filipinos really like fried chicken, so our fastfoods serve fried chicken. If you eat it in Jollibee or in McDonald’s the fried chicken is deep fried, and there is only a coating. in Malaysia, the fried chicken perhaps looks more appealing because of its “orangy” color and the sauces that you can have to dip it on.
Our adobo may be uniquely ours. this is a dish of chicken or pork cooked in soysauce, garlic, vinegar, and laurel until its own oil comes out.
Fish is most often fried. There is of course paksiw (cooked in vinegar), but most people like it friend.
Filipinos also like soup, so our sweet-sour “sinigang” appeals to many, but our “nilaga” (meat with vegatables, like stew) is more acceptable to many Filipinos.
Koreans in the Philippines actually like Filipino foods because “it looks safe to eat, and it taste normal”. This is what they tell me. Perhaps fried food is really easy to try, as compared to the Thai and Malaysian food that taste different.



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