Just inside the vagina, there are two (2) small pockets of skin called “glands”.  They make a liquid that helps to keep the vagina wet.  Sometimes germs get inside, and one or both glands become infected.


  • Swollen, hot, painful vaginal fold that is darker in color.  Usually it happens on one side only.batholin gland
  • Sometimes there is swelling with no pain

Although not always caused by an STD, this infection often happens when a woman has gonorrhea or chlamydia.


  1. Soak a cloth in clean, hot water and place it on the swelling.   Do not make it so hot that you burn yourself.  Do this as often as you can until the swelling opens and pus comes out, or until the swelling goes down.
  2. Also, you and your partner both need to take medicines for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
  3. If the area is painful and stays swollen, see trained health worker who can cut it open and drain out the pus.



2 Thoughts on “How to Cure Bartholin Gland Infection (Swollen Vagina)

  1. Hola
    tengo uno de los labios mayores un poco hinchado pero no me duele que podria ser

  2. Emily on August 7, 2013 at 1:35 pm said:

    I’m a virgin, can I still have chliamydia or gonorreah?

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