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LA Cáfe is a favorite spot of Manila expats and locals, open 24 hours, and completely packed every single evening of the year. You may enter LA Cáfe alone, but  you will never leave the bar alone, you will be with someone you met. That applies for males and females, foreigners and locals, as in LA Café you never know who is fishing who. Many say that this is a girlie bar, and it really depends on you. You can say it’s a place of meeting new friends, or well, a pick up place. IT REALLY DEPENDS on your perspective. What I can tell you is, this is a very busy place.

It is easy to get to this place, again because it is very popular. It is located in NW corner of M.H. Del Pilar and Romero Salas. It’s a short walk from most hotels located in Ermita or Malate.


Other’s consider L.A. Café’s as a “freelancers’ bar” and this is really its main attraction. For the innocent and uninitiatedLA Cafe girls (where have you been?), a freelancer is a lady who is officially a customer, but who will also accompany you… outside the bar. (Compensation is expected and can be negotiated beforehand). I actually do not like how things are done, but this is what happens here. I am sure though that there are those who are engaged in honest-to-goodness meeting, withough exchange of money.

While it isn’t the only venue to offer this type of entertainment, the sheer number of freelancers is phenomenal, and fantastic. For all tastes… If you can’t get it at L.A. Café, you simply just can’t get it! This is like Bangkok!

It offers more. Go upstairs after 21:00 and listen to live bands. Beer is cheap, you’ll get really drunk with just $30 (about P1400).




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