Candice Glover wins the recently concluded American Idol 2013 Finale.  American people had the hardest time to decide who’s gonna win because Candice and Kree are both great singers.  They can really sing according to Randy Jackson.  In the end, only one great singer remains to be the American Idol. Candice’s winning piece, I Am Beautiful, suits Read More →


Manila Ocean Park sets an atmosphere similar to some attractions at Marina Bay Singapore. My name is Ethan, 10 years old.  Let me tell you about my adventure at the Manila Ocean Park. Yesterday we visited Manila Ocean Park. We came past 3 pm, but we were able to see major attractions in the park. Read More →

AMALAYER simply means “I’m a liar”, a shout heard from a hysterical lady in Santolan Station, LRT Manila Philippines. You can check the video here:–what-was-it-all-about-.html   or