Another video of Ramgen and Janelle coming?


In the Bottomline interview by award winning host Boy Abunda, Janelle Manahan said without hesitation that she and Ramgen Revilla had videotaped several intimate moments that they did. She said that these intimate videos were taped way back in 2007. She agreed to the taping of their moments because at that time, she just really loves Ramgen so she gave in to his requests. That is why, the person who uploaded the video of her and Ramgen might upload again. She said that they have actually erased all these videos and destroyed all the CDs of their act about 2 years ago. Well, everyone knows that deleted files can still be retrieved from the hard drive. Ask any computer science major and they will agree to this. It will take time to retrieve deleted files but IT IS NOT impossible.

Janelle also revealed that she was a battered girlfriend. She had been physically and emotionally hurt by Ramgen but she is willing to go through the same experience when asked. “I really love him”, this is her main reason. She however said that a year ago, Ramgen has vowed to change and so, she has not been physically hurt and battered more than a year prior to Ramgen’s death.


Janelle likewise said that she knows that she is not the ideal daughter because she disobeyed her parents saying “ I was in a live-in relationship”. But she said that she just really loves Ramgen, so she defied her parents, but her parents remain supportive of her.

She expressed sadness on how the case has progressed because it seems that Ramgen’s case is not given importance by his family when they alleged that the target of the killing is not really Ramgen, but Janelle. She said she cannot be the target because there is no motive and more importantly, this is not the first attempt to kill Ramgen.

Boy Abunda said that he knows Janelle well because, as you can recall, Janelle was a Star Circle Quest finalist and he was a judge of that contest. He expressed appreciation of how matured Janelle has become. She has become strong and inspiring.




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